Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

more about Transpa Art

So meine Lieben, ihr müsst für diesen Eintrag mein fürchterliches Englisch ertragen. Meine allerliebste Samie hat mich darum gebeten mehr über Transpa zu schreiben, und das auf englisch, damit sie es auch versteht. Ich entschuldige mich also vorab, und hoffe es ist nicht ganz so fürchterlich. Ich gebe mir Mühe. xD Wers korrigieren will, gerne.

Like u can guess transpa art is a transparent thermoplastic material for cosplay crafting. Captain obvious is in the city. (me, bad jokes, don't mind.)

First: It's really hard to cut somehow, I don't work with the knife, just with scissors because I always hurt myself. 8;D good thing: you can write and sketch on it with ballpens and other pens, and erase it later with nail polish eraser. Thats why I was able to sketch the ice crystals on the backside of the crown, and to erase them later.

It's important to know that transpa needs to be more heated than worblas finest art. You also need gloves, because it needs to get so hot, that you can't touch it anymore. I am used to the heat you need for worbla, and I hate it that you have to put on gloves. I need the touch of the materials, so it was hard for me to get used to it.

Next thing is, that its sticky. On your floor, on metal ( I worked on a knife, because.. no, dont ask.), on paper, on baking paper, on like everything. Okay, not on aluminium kitchen foil, nice. At least that.

I think you can do a lot of things with it. Important is that you don't make it too hot, because it melts then, and you will have ugly little bubbles inside, and it will not be that "clear" anymore. You can fold it like I did, so you can see the edges in the middle, if you want to build something smoothier, you have to cut layer for layer and add them to each other. I just go with the folding, because I wanted the edges inside for a more "crystal" look. Hard to explain.

The base of my crown has two layers so its more stable, and then I added each crystal to it. problem is that it always get out of shape each time you add the crystals because you need to heat it a lot for adding them. Good thin: you can just heat everything (for thick crystals you need more time, not more heat!) and then get the whole crown back into shape in the end again. (Thats a good thing, and with worbla this would be more hard I think.)

Most important thing I think is: test what you want to first. I made the experience that I didn't need so much material than I thought, but its always better to have more. Good thing at crystals is that you can easy use leftover stuff with using the folding technique.

So I think that was quite a short summary, maybe if its needed, I will do a video? don't know. have fun working!

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